Research Experiences

A great way to get further experience in your field of interest is to work on a research team. Research can be conducted in any discipline or major. As you learn more about the field through research, it may confirm your interest in a field or spark your interest in another area.

If you are considering applying to graduate school, undergraduate research experience will be of great benefit to you. Participating on a research team can allow you to better understand and participate in the process of academic research, which is often a large component of graduate school. It also creates an opportunity to get to know a professor further in a professional capacity and to learn about potential career directions.


Talk to your faculty advisor or relevant professors if you are interested in pursuing research opportunities. They may inform you of professors in the department who accept undergraduate researchers. Each faculty member may have their own procedure and policies regarding their research teams, but looking into opportunities at the start of the school year or spring for opportunities starting the next fall is usually a good strategy.

Read current articles about your field in academic journals. These can assist you in identifying what interests you have in the field or would like to learn about further.

Look into the possibility of completing a research project for an independent study or course for academic credit.

Attend the Undergraduate Symposium to learn about undergraduate research findings from a variety of disciplines. Listen to the presentations and poster discussions to gain insight about the research experiences of other students.


  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities provides information about various opportunities and grants accessible to undergraduate students at UW-Madison.
  • The Summer Research Opportunity Program is available to undergraduate students at UW-Madison and supports researchers from diverse fields and backgrounds.
  • The Wisconsin Discovery Portal is a searchable listing of all researchers associated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, their research interests, and contact information. This can be used to gain awareness of what type of research is being performed at UW-Madison.
  • Research Centers and Programs provides links to various research centers and programs across disciplines that are affiliated with UW-Madison.