Personal Statements

Personal statements are a required part of graduate school applications. A personal statement is a way for you to articulate your interest in the program and field. Personal statements should include how you became interested in that particular field, why you are qualified to be admitted into the program, your research interests within the field, and what faculty members you would want to study with in graduate school. Remember to research each program you are applying to in order to ensure your interests align with the program and research of the faculty members.


Schedule an appointment with a Career Consultant to discuss your personal statement and obtain feedback.

Discuss your personal statement with a mentor or faculty members in your academic discipline to gain additional insight. Each academic discipline may have their own norms and additional criteria desired in a personal statement.

For additional assistance with your personal statement, the Writing Center can provide resources and feedback.

If you are applying to health programs (e.g. Medical School, Occupational Therapy School, Veterinary School, etc.), you can also receive assistance from the Center for Pre-Health Advising.