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Internships for School of Education Students

How Do I Prepare to Get an Internship?

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Spring 2024 International Internships

The UW-Madison International Internships team, part of the study abroad office, helps undergrad students explore internship opportunities with organizations around the world.

Apply by Monday, Oct 9th for Spring 2024 In-Person UW Signature Internships!

All Spring 2024 UW Signature Internships are fully funded by scholarships covering program fees and basic cost of attendance. Interns stay enrolled at UW-Madison through the online WIP (IS-523) course.


International Education



Link For More International Internship Opportunities

Funding Resources – Many of the spring internships are fully funded!

We recommend that students who are also enrolled in IIP’s internship course (3 credit) take no more than 6 credits that semester.

Featured Internships in the Arts

Featured Internships in Education

Featured Internships in Health

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get academic credit for my internship?

This can vary from different academic departments. For example, there are some courses that you can register for to complete along with your internship to gain academic credit.

As with anything related to courses and credit, talk with your academic advisor for more specific information about your options!

Should I do a paid or unpaid internship?

Ideally, any work that you do would be paid and we are working hard to advocate for paid opportunities for our students. There are certain reasons why an unpaid internship would be acceptable, but that’s not typical. If you do need to take an unpaid internship, there may be scholarships or supplemental funds available for unpaid experiences – talk to your career advisor about options.

Did you know… 66.4% of students who graduated in 2019 who had a paid internship got job offers, compared to 43.7% of students who had an unpaid internship? Something to think about as you explore your options!

Should I do a virtual internship or one that is in-person?

There are benefits to both! In-person can provide a “real-world” experience working in a physical space, but also may limit your options if you need something local. Virtual can be more flexible and open you up to more opportunities, but some might feel it loses something to the overall experience when compared to in-person.

The bottom line is to do what works best for you! If you want to talk through your options, make an appointment with one of our Career and Internship Advisors and they will talk through it with you.

Are there specific websites I can use to find an internship?

Your department may have a list of internships available. Additionally you can try the following:



International Internship Program (For international opportunities)

LinkedIn Jobs 

Additional Resources