Behavior Based Interviewing

The CAR model provides a framework for your interview answers. The CAR model provides a strategy for framing your response, helps you keep your answer short and to the point, and allows your sincerity, honesty, enthusiasm and energy to shine. When you use the CAR model you are typically more comfortable responding to interview questions because you are talking about a past experience and demonstrating your skills through an example in your answer to the question asked.

Challenge or task for which you were responsible.
Action you took to solve the problem or complete the task.
Results of your actions.

The CAR model for interviewing allows you to incorporate the things that you want to share and promote in the interview and is a strategy for responding to Behavioral Based Interviewing.

Use of behavioral based interviewing has dramatically increased because research has shown that behavioral based interviewing is 3 to 7 times more effective in predicting job/work performance success in contrast to traditional interviewing.

Past performance is the best predictor of future performance.