Resources for Diverse Audiences

Topics to Consider When Job Searching

  • Consider your values as you job search. What is most important to you in your career? Compatible co-workers, intellectual challenge, salary, or other values?
  • Research companies. Do these companies value diversity? Do they have special interest employee groups, diversity training programs, or a positive reputation for hiring and retaining diverse employees? As you interview, contemplate how comfortable you would feel working at that company.
  • Reflect on the unique perspective and thoughts you can bring to the workplace.
  • Identify mentors and find connections who have approached similar challenges and opportunities while job searching. These connections may come from on-campus organizations, alumni, or wider professional groups on sites such as LinkedIn.
  • Inappropriate questions may be asked by employers, but there are different ways to approach these improper questions. You can set up a mock interview with a Career Consultant to practice interviewing, or discuss concerns about interview questions.

General Diversity Resources

  • Center for Leadership & Involvement houses a directory of student organizations at UW-Madison that offer a chance to connect with special interest groups.
  • Diversity Employers features job postings from employers committed to diversity.
  • Diversity, Inc. provides a list of top companies that promote diversity and articles concerning workplace diversity.
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission describes the types of harassment and discrimination that are prohibited federally. States may differ in their legal protection of employees as some states have additional laws concerning workplace discrimination.
  • Equal Opportunity Publications offers an online job board and a magazine focused on career and recruitment guidance.
  • Insight Into Diversity is a company that promotes connections between diverse job seekers and employers. Their website includes job listings for a variety of fields.
  • Riley Guide, a tool within, lists career resources for diverse groups including veterans, minority groups, women, individuals who are 50+, and more.

Specific Diversity Career Resources