Test Drive & Confirm Choice

Now is the time for you to test drive and confirm your major and career choice by determining if they are a good fit. While you assess your chosen career field, you also develop skills and gain experience that can be reported on your résumé.

“Try-on” your major/career field:Glass_lab_demonstration

  • Enroll in an introductory class in your chosen major and evaluate how the course content relates to your interests and skills.
  • Get involved in student professional organizations to obtain more information about the career field and major; discover if you share common interests with members; and attend professional meetings to network with those who are currently doing what you aspire to do.
  • Shadow a professional in your chosen field for a day or a week to learn about the typical pace and responsibilities at work.
  • Work for a student organization in a leadership office with responsibilities directly related to you career aspirations.
  • Gain hands-on experience through practicums, student teaching and internships.
  • Participate in a field study experience or study abroad opportunity that exposes you to a future work environment.

student_art_showFew people would buy a car without taking it for a test drive and confirming that it meets their criteria for purchase satisfaction.  Take time to determine your anticipated career satisfaction before you make a final commitment. Your career choice will impact you much longer than your choice of car.

Gain Experience & Evaluate

Interview & Shadow