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The School of Education is eager to partner with employers, alumni, and pioneers in the field. We are dedicated to fostering strong connections between our school, vibrant community, and prospective employers.

Whether you’re seeking top talent among our students and graduates or exploring partnership opportunities, we’re here to facilitate meaningful collaborations. Discover how we can work together to enhance recruitment processes; strengthen connections to campus; and engage with health, education, and art-focused students.

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Home to the Health Promotion and Health Equity Program, one of the fastest-growing majors on campus

Continuing to diversify student body and faculty


Creators of the Teacher Pledge

Home to one of the first and largest education research and development centers in the world

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We work with organizations that span our diverse portfolio of programs.
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Partnerships with the School of Education can take many forms. Explore ways to connect with students and departments. 

Build Your Brand Presence

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Career Fairs and Connectors

The School of Education collaborates with career services partners across campus to hold fall and spring campuswide fairs. Visit the Campuswide Career Events page to view career programs sponsored by career services offices on campus. Career Connectors are smaller, on-campus events that support specific interests, industries, or verticals within the School of Education. Reach out to the Employer Relations Team to hear about the next Career Connector. 

Site Visits and Career Treks

Career Treks provide students an exploratory experience to gain insight into their career fields of interest. These unique, in-person events give a behind the scenes look into an organization where students may receive a building tour, hear from a panel of professionals, or engage in a networking event. 

Connecting in Classrooms

Interested in presenting on a topic or being featured on a panel? Share your career journey and professional experience with a classroom of eager undergrads. 


Our faculty, staff, and students redefine the limits of what’s possible, conducting groundbreaking research and scholarship in the areas of the arts, education, and health. To learn more about research projects, visit or connect with the Employer Relations Team to talk through your research needs.


Meet 1-on-1 with a School of Education Badger to share your career journey. Answer questions about how your education, working experiences, and networks helped shape your life today. 

Job Shadows

Allow a student to experience “a day in the life” of an industry, job function, or organization. The day’s agenda may include informational interviews, meeting observations, or networking lunches.

Hire a Student

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Consult with Employer Relations

Our dedicated team of employer relations and community engagement managers facilitate meaningful collaborations between the university, community, and employers. Consult with our team to tailor talent solutions, develop networking and event plans, provide feedback for improvement, and leverage data and analytics. Together, we can shape the success of our students and the industries they serve.

Post Internships, Job, and Volunteer Opportunities

We offer employers a platform to connect with ambitious candidates who are eager to contribute to the success of education, health, and arts industries. From internships and volunteer positions to full-time roles, our postings accommodate a variety of job types, allowing employers to find the right fit for their organizational needs. We recommend sharing your internships on Handshake, part-time roles on the UW Job Board, volunteer positions through the Morgridge Center, and full-time roles on our website or via LinkedIn.

Interview on Campus

Simplify and enhance your hiring process by considering on-campus interviews. By participating, you receive a streamlined, efficient, and well-supported recruitment process, allowing you to focus on engaging with qualified candidates. Connect with us to explore how on-campus interviews can be a strategic asset in building your organization’s future workforce, accessing diverse talent, and increasing your brand visibility.

Share Your Success

By sharing success stories, you can build a compelling narrative about your workplace culture and differentiate yourself in a competitive job market. Written testimonials, blog posts, and video interviews can highlight authentic stories and be powerful tools for attracting top talent and connecting with a broad audience.

Get Personalized Support from Our Employer Relations Team

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Hailey Farrell

Focus Area: Health & Education

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Leanne Morris

Focus Area: Arts & Education

For Employers

Alumni Champions = Student Success

Alumni inspire students to explore their passions and take steps toward professional success. Support students through mentorship, networking opportunities, and job and internship placements, or serve as a guest speaker or job shadow host. 

Ready to use your education background and career experiences to guide the next generation? Tell us how you’d like to get involved.


For Alumni

Career Internship Fair

Career Fair Information

The University of Wisconsin–Madison hosts several campuswide career and internship fairs throughout the year! For more information on when the next fair will be and how to register, follow the link below.

Campuswide Fair